Comparative Benchmarking

In today’s highly competitive market, simply measuring your performance is not enough. High performing organizations seek meaningful benchmarks to assess how they compare to industry, regional and/or national norms. Whether it’s measuring financial performance, employee benefits, product pricing, or other key metrics, competitive benchmarking can directly impact corporate performance, reputation and brand image. With the right information, business practices can be adjusted or maximized to increase productivity and customer confidence.

Visual Intelligence has the analytic expertise to define metrics that will provide the answers. Understanding data so proper comparisons can be made

Visual Intelligence has the expertise to work with companies and identify what can be benchmarked. Data Engineers will define ing sources of information so proper comparisons can be made. Companies of the same size, similar practices, similiar industries. Critical to understand the data so that the resulting measurements are meaningful. Metric definition is crucial to determining what data elements should be gathered. Visual Intelligence has extensive experience benchmarking across industries so that … Advanced Data Analysts

Participation in Comparative Benchmarking is not a decision made lightly. It requires an investment as gathering accurate information can be resource intensive. Once the appropriate data elements are gathered, data submission should be effortless. The Web Architects at Visual Intelligence have the business intelligence and technical skills to design and develop a secure, inviting and easy-to-use web-based solution that will maximize data collection. The resulting dataset is well positioned for research initiatives.

Deciding what to benchmark, creating a method to gather the necessary information, analyzing the data and presentation are all critical to the success of the competitive analysis. Visual Intelligence has the expertise to identify benchmark sources, model the data, and create valid measures. Visual Intelligence specializes in information presentation assuring clear, meaningful and most importantly actionable data analysis. At the end of the process the benchmarked analytics will point to areas for improvement or areas of strength which can be then become actionable initiatives for implementation.