Solutions For Customer Relationship Management


While businesses have become customer centric with a direct line between the satisfaction of the customers to the profitability and growth of the company, there is a lack of synergy between the marketing and the sales departments. Companies constantly search for an efficient method to gather up-to-date information on the buying preferences and overall satisfaction of their customers. How can we marry sales and marketing to get a complete 360o view of our customers? How can we create customer loyalty and make the most out of our sales opportunities? How can we predict what and when our customers will make a purchase?


Using innovative yet simple to use technology, Visual Intelligence can provide a complete vision of your customer leading to a long term and profitable relationship. VI’s suite of tools provides an easy-to-manage experience for both novices and seasoned professionals. Our marketing strategy starts with a thorough analysis of historical transactions and current sales data to identify predictors and determinants of qualified leads. Visual Intelligence CRM tools give Marketing Managers the platform to test new ideas, roll out campaigns on a frequent basis and to quickly evaluate the market response. We focus on the B2B market, providing effective tools for companies to reach the best prospects in specific industries or job functions.


Visual Intelligence strives to create a single customer lifecycle providing a holistic view of your customers. Visual Intelligence’s campaign management tools allow any user to easily create periodical campaign plans that are automatically tied to powerful reporting and tracking tools. The result is streamlined budgeting capabilities and seamless campaign management. CustomerViews uses a Predictive Model to calculate customer likelihood to purchase a particular product at a certain time based on the historical data, census and/or other marketing third party data. One of VI key strengths is scoring leads so that only the best leads go to sales while other leads are routed back to Marketing for more information. Accurate metrics enable marketers to optimize direct spend on the channel that produces the most impact. CustomerVIews analytics enables closed loop marketing that equates to traceable return on investment. VI’s pre-integrated platform is designed from the ground up to provide a multidimensional view of all customer interactions.


Marketing Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Departments