Data Warehouse

Significant corporate investments in data warehousing and business intelligence have now given many contemporary businesses a complete and accurate audit trail of their business processes efficiencies over time, and solid support process-centric reporting from the organizational perspective. But too-often we have failed to push our designs and toolsets to the next level – allowing business to truly “see” themselves from the eyes of the customers that they serve. Commonalities and patterns that might reveal true insight are too easily lost unless we take appropriate steps to discover, qualify, classify, and proactively publish these insights to knowledge workers.

As businesses grow and change, fueled by regulatory and financial pressures, keeping your data infrastructure viable and up to date becomes a daunting endeavor. Too many data warehouse vendors try to sell you an appliance, a simple turnkey application that can run operate your complex business with a flick of a switch. Very too often the emphasis is on the technical specifications of the appliance such as indexing, partitioning, in-memory caching, compression, cubing, tokenization and query-plan optimizations. Today’s data warehouse needs to integrate more data from your source system (internal and external), drive more data consistency and quality with better usability and flexibility.

Visual Intelligence understands your business and will work with you in optimizing your data management practice. VI will work with you and your business drivers in determining the optimal data management solution including workflow and business process / augmentation that surround data management efforts. By leveraging over two decades of large enterprise class data warehouse design and operational experience, Visual Intelligence data management practice knows what drives overall data management practice success from master data management to comprehensive ETL architecture and data security. Coupled with cutting edge in-memory analytic tools, VI delivers unparalleled information management capability and business value.

Visual Intelligence excels at structuring data into rapidly consumable bits of information optimized for newer technologies, such as the in-memory analytical tools. By combining different data platforms, ETL tools and reporting technologies specifically geared toward customer-centric insights, and presenting them to knowledge analysts in a direct graphical manner, Visual Intelligence transforms the disparate data into more understandable and actionable information.