In addition to deep expertise in traditional Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Acquisition, and Business Intelligence solutions, the Visual Intelligence team has leveraged an advanced data visualization and analytic engine into this process. The resulting capabilities will empower your Business Users and Analysts in new ways:

Find the needle in the haystack

Advanced visualization makes the information more intuitive and hidden data relationships & actionable information becomes more obvious. Third party data such as Census data, specialized public and proprietary Market Data or benchmarks are easily incorporated to broaden the analytic possibilities.

Highly efficient analysts

Visual Intelligence solutions leverage “cube on the fly/in-memory analytics” which allows unparalleled real time ‘What-If’ data evaluations & analytics. Joining, filtering, sorting, modeling and analyzing information results in instantaneous visual results.

Return on Investment

Visual Intelligence solutions are developed and delivered within a fraction of the traditional BI development timeframe (speed to market.) There is no need to maintain multiple tool sets and solutions can be cost effectively deployed through a secure internet connection.


Away from the confines of a traditional IT environment, Visual Intelligence employs a Rapid Application Development lifecycle that focuses on evolution rather than ridged development protocols. Visual Intelligence’s technology solutions and agile development methodology allow for greater efficiencies and continuous insight into the business.

Through the use of multi-faceted visual analytics tools, Visual Intelligence gives its clients the ability to view large stores of data like never before. Venturing away from traditional dashboard displays, Visual Analytic technologies allow the user to see what they want to see, however they want to see it, and without using a large amount of resources and time to get it.