E-commerce Portals

In today’s electronic world e-commerce portals have become critical to supporting client/customer interaction. The challenge is creating an innovative portal that will attract new customers yet simple enough keep customers coming back. An appealing website will draw new customers in but it’s the ease of use and relevant information presented that will retain them. Brand recognition and proliferation stems from a positive on-line experience.

Visual Intelligence has the expertise to define and build an e-commerce portal that will attract browsers and keep your customers coming back. VI will partner with you to completely understand your business and customers to create a custom portal that will create brand recognition and customer retention. Our Web Architects have the technical and business process expertise to create an attractive, easy to use portal with the all of the innovative features your company needs.

Customers today expect everything to be delivered via a portal. Information should be readily available on-line with minimal interference from a customer. Customers do not want a separate login/password once inside a portal. Customers do not want to be moved to another website with a different look and feel to see more information. They want seamless, effortless displays of real-time relevant information.

VI has developed a proprietary process to integrate our advanced analytics directly into your custom portal solution. This allows an integrated security approach and a more consistent look and feel for your customers. The result is a seamless presentation of your information inside your e-commerce website. The most up-to-date information will be presented to your customers with minimal interruption to their portal experience cementing your brand recognition.