Solutions For Employers And Benefit Managers


Are you struggling with the hundreds of pages of reports and numbers your health plan provided about your health costs? VI offers a comprehensive open book into the drivers of your organization health cost, quality, utilization issues and saving opportunities. Using the VI employer services, a typical employer can dig deeper into data and assess other benefits structures, run what if changes scenarios, to save a target mark of 1-2 million dollar in future costs.

Our capabilities include:

Data aggregating from internal and external sources and presenting it in an open book format Drill-everywhere views of cost drivers from different angles of disease, utilization, and quality Executive summary level presenting cost, utilization, and quality metrics Comprehensive multiple year financial projections for analysis of strategic opportunities. Drill down into the root cause of health care inflation and identifying members with emerging risk who have the potential of high cost Instant data filtering to identify top diagnosis, diseases, procedures, providers, and specialties by cost performance evaluation of disease management programs and other vendor programs Access the saving by conversion from insured to a self insured arrangement and develop an integrated stop loss model. Detailed recommendation on benefits savings, projections, benchmark targets (e.g. utilization rates per 1000, HEDIS comparisons). Determine how your employees compare to normative quality and cost statistics and analyzing monthly and quarterly trends against Identifying gaps in care

Who Can Use:

Employer HR Managers and Analysts, Benefit Consultants, Health & Productivity Researchers