Geo-Spatial Analytics

The power of GIS comes from the ability to relate data from multiple sources in a spatial context thusly allowing the analyst to draw more precise and accurate conclusions and/or predictions.

VIs cutting edge technologies and deep understanding of relational data sets, most importantly how to maximize system and data throughput efficiency against massive data sets, allow the creation of an interface where users can start from the geospatial and time elements and work inward quickly.

With respect to the energy consulting market, Visual Intelligence supports dynamic, Web enabled GIS applications, combined with powerful analytical interfaces of in memory tools to accelerate the decision making process for a wide range of professionals across energy organizations including business analysts, network managers, exploration analysts, reservoir and production engineers, financial planners and trading analysts.

Integrating multiple technologies such as GIS shape files / ESRI / GoogleEarth with data visualization tools and statistical packages in a Web Based platform would allow for the spatial representation and analysis of spatial data on a multidimensional framework where time and space relationships are resolved, enabling the user to explore and identify patterns at the click of a mouse having the analytical power of a full suite of interactive graphics combined with a deep and complete statistical power. Therefore, resource related challenges such as intermittency and/or scarcity can be efficiently represented and made available to the common user while preserving the focus of specialized analysts for the design and interpretation of new challenges.