Information Reporting Strategy

Visual Intelligence leverages deep organizational capability by providing comprehensive review and recommendations on client development plans. Whether VI has an active role in the development of your warehouse, reporting and information delivery system or in a consulting role leveraging our hands-on experience and vast industry experience, your project will benefit.

VI brings to the table an array of skills and practical experience. From a conceptual design through information delivery, we have it all. Starting with a system architecture that will leverage any existing technology topology, our solutions identify end user authentication and authorization level challenges and solutions. We can develop on-point reporting solutions or review your proposed solution as it compares to industry best practices.

Our development or review will provide streamlined solutions that limit coding assets, provides more timely development alternatives and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership of your reporting solution. We know data. We know information. We know how the make your data valuable information.

VI offers hosting alternatives in our Tier 1 Data Center and provides real-time access to your data and reporting solutions. We can provide data appends from publicly available data that further increases the value of information derived from your data. Our approach also incorporates the identification of benchmarks and the development of tools and offerings for your customers to improve their performance. This key partnering solution allows for mutual benefits and growth. Whether it is a group employer maximizing health insurance spend or a retailer being able to minimize costs associated with advertising to a segmented market, VI has the tools and the experience to deliver.