Marketing Patient Acquisition

Hospitals Marketing CRM VIews is a cutting edge marketing tool custom tailored to the special client populations and opportunities for hospital systems. It represents a fusion of marketing and hospital data domain expertise; integrating clinical data with the demographic and more to identify high probability client populations, design targeted marketing campaigns, and directly measure the advertising ROI.

Hospitals Marketing CRM VIews utilizes a Tibco Spotfire front end delivering visualizations, dynamic reporting, and detail data analytics capabilities to an existing or stand alone web page. Underneath the spotfire front end lies a proprietary data model specially designed to be easily adaptable to any hospital system’s data output. This data is then integrated with outside demographic, consumer, media, industry, and government data and more to assist with:

Patient Awareness: Who and where is your potential customer population for a specific product or service
Patient Acquisition: How best to reach and persuade that population segment
Patient Retention: Tracking current clients and maintaining the communication bridge
Winbacks: Find and market to the clients who have gone to the competitors
Proper Marketing Distribution: Predictive modeling to show where best to spend advertising dollars
Quality Nurse and Physician Recruitment and Retention: Tracking internal clients, and identifying and targeting quality new hires

Hospitals Marketing CRM Views supports web based, traditional media, direct mail, e-mail, call programs, and smartphone/tablet advertising mediums. With precisely captured and accurately stored execution data and utilization of the multi discipline data gathering experience of the VI team, Hospitals Marketing CRM Views then gives the most complete and clearest picture of the true ROI for the advertising investment.

Hospitals Marketing CRM Views integrates a variety of 3rd part data sources unavailable from other vendors. These massive sets of data both enrich and provide perspective on the marketing campaign data to drive the best decisions and precisely measure the benefits. This enables both an agile and focused marketing campaign while minimizing development and support costs.