Network Management

As competition between networks increases, a health plan must continually demonstrate its value to employers and their workforce. To optimize the provider network’s development efforts, one needs precise information about the healthcare providers in your market. Disruption Analysis helps simplify the measurement, analysis, and communication of disruptions that occur to member/provider relationships that would result when employers or groups change provider networks.

Visual Intelligence's Geo-Visual solution, PNET enables managed care organizations and employers:

to effectively represent their networks and ultimately allows employers to make well-informed decisions by knowing in advance the impact of changing provider networks.
to evaluate other provider networks against this benchmark to accurately quantify the number and severity (such as in claims dollars) of relationship disruptions that will result from such a change.
to demonstrate superior network fit by mapping and comparing your coverage to that of your competitors.
to discover network gaps by mapping physician and facility locations in relation to population segments, employees, or covered lives.
to identify market areas that can support additional physician resources by specific physician specialty.

Visual Intelligence's PNET takes the concept a step further and integrates physician, facility and enrollee demographic data with employer's workforce disease conditions, prevalence rate, etc to help employers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their health plan's provider network’s composition and coverage adjusted when changing health plans or products.

Take a tour of the PNET Sample Demo:

This analysis reflects disruption metrics for members of Employer ECO if they will be moved from CIG Health Plan to AET Health Plan.