Provider Contracting


As health care industries continue to face financial and regulatory pressures, its provisions make it even more challenging for the payers to invest in new technologies. The health plans are left to do more with less in terms of analytical insights on provider contracting, disease prevalence, network adequacy and disruption. Health plans need to invest in a solution platform that delivers insights deeper, faster and far more efficiently.


VI’s powerful ProviderNetworkVIewsprovide capabilities not only to analyze but to visualize your network’s accessibility quickly and accurately in a more meaningful way. It has one of the industry’s most intuitive interfaces for producing standard network care access reports as well as on the fly comprehensive custom network management analysis. The ProviderNetworkVIewsallow users to select various provider specialties, number of providers and the access standards in miles radius for industry standard reporting analysis. In addition, Provider Analytics essentials provide deep levels of customization your organization needs like incorporating disease prevalence rates for ultra-custom network management capabilities. ProviderNetworkVIewsuses in-memory technology, unlike the industry standard static reports; it delivers the information/ insight in real time without the added investment in multiple technology platforms. Select from a numerous list of customizable filters and parameters to adjust the visuals and the report results such as the provider specialty instantaneously. Take advantage of VI’s industry proven data structures when integrating customer, provider, and claims experience data to streamline the delivery model.


VI’s industry experience with industry’s leading and most powerful analytic engine will deliver unparalleled capabilities and insights. Our proven Industry template can be customizable to meet your company specific business and technical needs. VI’s proprietary analytical data structures will also leverage your current data repository; a formal and mature data warehouse is not required. Provider Analytic Essentials will do more with less technology investment and resources yet delivering on the most comprehensive provider member analytical capabilities in the market today.


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