Social Media Analysis

SocialView will change the way you see your social data: SocialView provides you with an invaluable view into the online reputation of your products or services. You will see a clear picture of your product’s health and performance – not only social awareness or customer preference but more importantly intention. SocialView will also show you what your fans are excited about and how your advocates are promoting you. With a few simple clicks you will gain valuable insight into your campaign.

Discovering the most important topics: SocialView allows you to dive into conversations, pulling out the most talked about topics and actions. There is no training or configuration necessary. All of the natural ways that consumers talk about your brand or product are automatically deciphered for you. SocialView shows you which product entities, models and attributes are most important to consumers. OpenAmplify’s powerful, multi-patented NLP engine partnered with Visual Intelligence’s data visualization and analytics create an easy to use social media tool providing immediate insight into your campaigns.

Three powerful analysis modules:

1. Brand Metrics: what is the awareness, preference and intent of the conversation.

2. Loyalty Metrics: your fans, critics, advocates and detractors

3. Influencer Metrics: who is driving conversation.